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Trinkpavillion: Association applies for opening of parts of the town hall Bad Godesberg

Trinkpavillion : Association applies for opening of parts of the town hall Bad Godesberg

The association Bürger.Bad.Godesberg pleads for a partial opening of the closed city hall and offers a closing service. Individual events could then take place - with the permission of the city - in the Trinkpavillion.

While normal life is slowly returning after the long Corona lockdown, it is still very quiet in and around the Stadthalle: the doors of the event center, which is in need of renovation, remain closed - although not all parts of the building are closed. For this reason, voices have been raised in the past within the political arena to partially reopen the building to the public. A new attempt is being undertaken now in the meeting of the district representation (BV) on Wednesday the association citizen.bath.Godesberg. As tenants about the Trinkpavillion of the city hall they are worried.

Citizens.Bad.Godesberg require partial opening of the city hall

In the citizens request the association demands the opening of the city hall until the beginning of the reorganization work. "We consider it appropriate to slowly reopen the usable part of the Stadthalle in compliance with the applicable building regulations and in accordance with the applicable hygiene, distance and protection regulations, in order to offer clubs the opportunity to become active again," said Klaus Vater, second chairman of the association. But he is also thinking of the BV meetings.

In addition, the association makes an offer to the city of Bonn: Until the administration has found a tenant or another "operating form", they would take over the closing service for events. A member has declared himself willing to do this.

City administration refers to ongoing structural investigation

In its statement the city administration explains that in accepting the request they would examine under which conditions and which parts of the city hall could be opened. It does not address the offer of a closing service. "Currently, the structural investigations in the city hall are not yet fully completed, respectively, not all the corresponding written reports are available yet," the administration says. An answer that the administration has been giving again and again for quite some time. "We are of the opinion that enough has now been examined," says Vater.

The administration goes on to explain that so far there has only been a "low demand by associations" looking for an alternative option to hold their events. This statement is contradicted by Joachim Schäfer, chairman of Bürger.Bad.Godesberg. "Time and again, we receive inquiries from event organizers as to whether the Trinkpavillion can be used for events," says Schäfer. Among them, he said, is a request for an exhibition of exotic birds; it is to last for a week. A chess club would like to host a larger tournament, an organizer could imagine readings and, last but not least, there are also inquiries as to whether (round) birthdays can be celebrated in the listed drinking pavilion. "We would be happy to collect all these inquiries and pass them on - because there is a need for an event space," says Schäfer.

The association makes the Trinkpavillion available to other associations

The association could well imagine the Trinkpavillion as a venue for other associations, which it also signaled to the administration at the end of March. This describes the readiness as "pleasing". The city of Bonn also finds the area of the pavilion as sufficient, since there is after all according to their data only a "small demand" for alternative possibilities. "A club is already accommodated as a paid tenant of the association in the drinking pavilion," says the administration.

However, criticized Bürger.Bad.Godesberg, the club still has not received a lease from the city. They are now waiting more than one year, so the association chairman Schäfer. One set of plans with the association, although this is not yet in the possession of a utilization contract, includes the criticism. Initially, there was a sublease agreement with the former tenant of the town hall, Thomas Weiermann. After his insolvency, Bürger.Bad.Godesberg returned to the city to obtain a new contract.

For the city administration there is a contract of use

"Already in the early summer of last year, the city confirmed to the association in writing and verbally the continued use of the drinking pavilion," explained Kristina Buchmiller from the municipal press office when asked. From the city's point of view, there is therefore a contract of use between the association and the city. For "several months", the administration and the association have been working on a written contract, "which is desired by the association and which has been adjusted several times in the meantime". "A final agreement on individual clauses is still pending. The association has the latest draft on this," Buchmiller said.

Asked about subletting, the press office explains that the association is allowed to conclude sublease agreements "on the basis of the existing usage agreement" - however, the association currently lacks precisely this agreement. "The conclusion of a contract with the city with the third party is therefore not necessary and not possible, since the premises are already given to the association for use," says Buchmiller.

Negotiations falter on various contractual points

In the talks on the usage agreement, there are said to be a number of hiccups. For example, the association may only use the water for work in the pavilion, but not to water plants outside. In addition, the association would have to prove that it was not profit-oriented. In November, therefore, the income would have had to be presented. There has also been talk of a separate insurance policy for glass damage - since the pavilion has very large glass surfaces, such an insurance policy is correspondingly expensive. Too expensive for the association. "The air is slowly out," says Joachim Schäfer. After all, he and his association members are committed to the listed building on a voluntary basis.

District mayor wants perspectives

As reported, District Mayor Christoph Jansen wrote an emotional letter to Mayor Katja Dörner (Greens) in mid-May. At the meeting of the BV next week he would like to be presented plans for the city hall by the city administration. The citizen federation Bonn demanded beyond that that Dörner participates in the meeting and informs them. Whether the mayor will comply with this request is unclear, but it is certain that the town hall will be on the agenda of the meeting in the town hall on Wednesday.

Original text: Maximilian Mühlens

Translation: Mareike Graepel