Light fest on the weekend At "Bonn shines" the 3G rule will be in effect outdoors

Bonn · The city of Bonn will act according to the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance for the festival this weekend. Only "active visitors" of the event in the pedestrian zone need to present proof of being vaccinated, recovered or tested. Organizers will be responsible for the checks.

 In 2019, there was an impressive display of lighting on the Old Town Hall.

In 2019, there was an impressive display of lighting on the Old Town Hall.

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

For all who visit "Bonn shine”, the 3G rule applies on Sunday when stores are open. Anyone who wants to enjoy the light installations on various buildings in the city center or visit the food stalls must be vaccinated, recovered or tested, as the city administration explained on Friday in response to a GA inquiry. The basis for this is the NRW Corona Protection Ordinance for outdoor events with more than 2,500 participants, it said. "The Federal City of Bonn has not imposed any additional requirements," said Andrea Schulte from the press office. It was not yet clarified as to why the rule applied to Sunday, but not Friday and Saturday.

The 3G rule will be in effect "at the event site," Schulte said - that is, in large parts of the pedestrian zone. Since an "access control is not possible", the organizer will carry out random checks. Only "active visitors" to the festival, which runs from Friday evening to Sunday, will have to provide proof. Those who are only out shopping or strolling in the city do not fall under the 3G rule, according to the city. Stand operators must observe the generally binding hygiene rules, for example, cleaning contact surfaces and dishes and setting up sanitizer dispensers.

The organizer is the City-Marketing Bonn association. "We will be carrying out checks with the help of our association members, especially on the Münsterplatz and the Markt," announced Managing Director Maike Reinhardt before the start. The city had provided the association with a letter of confirmation for this purpose. "We don't want to take any risks and will ask people who don't comply with the 3G rule to leave," Reinhardt said.

(Orig.l text: Andreas Baumann / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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