Police investigating Attempted burglary in Rüngsdorf with dubious surrounding circumstances

Rüngsdorf · Following a witness report from a woman in Bonn-Rüngsdorf about a burglary attempt, the police found a female person in the vicinity who matched the given description. She told the officers that she was only eleven years old. Her identity remains unclear.

Police investigating: Attempted burglary in Rüngsdorf with dubious surrounding circumstances
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As if an attempted burglary were not already enough, Bonn police also reported rather dubious circumstances surrounding an incident in Rüngsdorf. According to the report, a resident living on Rheinstrasse heard suspicious noises at her house at around 3 pm. When she went to check out the noises, she discovered two persons. They had taken a table from outside and put it in front of her balcony. One of the persons was already standing on the table. Besides that, a stone from the property had been placed on the balcony.

When the witness approached the duo, they fled. Police were alerted and a short time later, they found a female person in the vicinity who matched the description given by the witness. She did not carry any identification documents and stated that she was only eleven years old and lived at a campsite. After police completed their initial procedures, although not being able to determine her place of residence, she was taken into custody at a youth protection center run by the city.

Staff estimated girl to be several years older than eleven

In response to an inquiry, Markus Schmitz of the city press office said that the youth protection center staff estimated the "child" to be around 17-years-old. Only ten minutes after arriving, the teenager left the youth shelter. "We have no legal means to detain someone there," Schmitz said in response. Police spokesman Robert Scholten could not give any further information about the nationality of the youth, because the officers had not been able to determine her identity.

As for the man who was with her at the time of the attempted burglary, there is also this description: He is thought to be 30 to 40 years old, had gelled hair and an athletic build. "We have also driven to various campsites, but have had no success so far," said Scholten. According to the current status of the investigation, the two suspected burglars had already been noticed on the house property the evening before. The female person who was was likely around 17-years-old and not eleven, had rung the doorbell at the home at around 7 p.m. on the previous day and asked the resident if she had seen her cat that had run away.

Criminal investigation unit 34 has taken over further investigation of the case. Witnesses who may have observed anything or have any relevant information are asked to contact the criminal investigation department at ☎ telephone number 02 28/150.

(Orig. text: Silke Elbern, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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