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Camping ground closed to nomadic group: Authorities escort Irish Travellers from the city

Camping ground closed to nomadic group : Authorities escort Irish Travellers from the city

Law enforcement officers in Bonn escorted Irish Travellers from a Beuel caravan grounds where they wanted to stay last week. Two years ago, a larger group came and caused a bit of a stir.

The City of Bonn does not expect many Irish Travellers this year. A clan of the traditionally nomadic ethnic group caused somewhat of a stir in Bonn and the region in 2016. Two years ago in February, the police had to clear out a plot of land in Beuel because the Travellers, who live in caravans, did not adhere to an ultimatum to leave. They also stayed on in Sankt Augustin in large numbers, although they remained peaceful.

The caravan grounds in Vilich-Müldorf is currently closed because of repairs, according to the City of Bonn. “The officers responsible for keeping public order coordinated with police to escort the Travellers away from the town a week ago because there is no area available,” said spokeswoman Stefanie Zießnitz to GA. The city remains in contact with police about the situation. “They want to inform us, in the event that the Travellers would surface.”

According to police spokesman Robert Scholten, this has not been the case: "So far, it does not look like many will come this year," he told GA in response to an inquiry, "but we will keep an eye on that."

In Kevelaer on the Lower Rhine, caravans of the Irish Travellers showed up on August 15, which is Assumption Day. Many of the families are very religious and worship Mary, which is why they regularly make pilgrimages to shrines of Mary. “Currently, we have around 20 caravans/campers here,” said Manuela Schmickler from the Kleve county police. Last year, there were nearly 100. “So far, there have been no problems with the Travellers and no complaints,” she emphasized.

(Orig. text: Anna-Maria Beekes / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)