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Terrorism threats: Authorities proofing alleged threats from Bonn Jihadist

Terrorism threats : Authorities proofing alleged threats from Bonn Jihadist

German Ministry of the Interior says they are evaluating the alleged attack plan against Bonn and Berlin. The German criminal police office says there is no change in risk assessment.

A spokesperson for the German Ministry of the Interior confirmed on Thursday to the General Anzeiger (GA) that they are aware of an alleged threatened attack on Bonn from a Bonner Jihadist who has travel to Syria. They are also aware of so-called Islamic State (ISIS) threats on Twitter against the Cologne/Bonn airport and the Chancellery in Berlin.

Both developments, the alleged attack plan in Bonn and in Berlin “like in all of these cases are being carefully evaluated,” according to the spokesperson. Germany, like other European countries is “in the crosshairs of Islamic terrorism” and authorities will continue to assume a high threat of international terrorism, with or without any new threats. Federal judicial authorities in Karlsruhe would not comment on an arrest warrant, which GA sources said had been issued for the alleged terrorist from Bonn.

The North Rhine Westphalia (NRW) Interior Ministry warns against panic. A spokesperson from the German criminal police office (BKA) in Wiesbaden says, “There is no change in the risk assessment. German remains in the crosshairs of Islamic terror. The photo montage proves this again.” Investigators are proofing if the Twitter posting really stems from an ISIS group. According to GA information, however, the photo montages were posted on the internet channel of a well-known media office of the ISIS terrorist militia. Such videos promoting violence have been posted over the years. The goal is to create fear amongst citizens and mobilize more supporters in Europe.

According to the Bureau of constitutional protection, there are more than 200 extremist Islamists in Bonn. There are 2,700 Salafists in NRW, 600 of them considered violent and 150 “particularly high risk.” Some are in custody and others have re-located to conflict areas. Since the beginning of the war in Syria and Iraq, more than 200 fanatics have left NRW to support terror organizations. Security measures in NRW have been at a “high level” for a long time already.

Head of NRW constitutional protection, Burkhard Freier fears that there will also be violent attacks in Germany. “There are an increasing number of events run by Salafists in which they try to recruit and radicalize young people.” NRW Interior Minister Ralf Jäger said he is concerned about the “aggressive and highly professional propaganda” used by ISIS worldwide on the internet and social media which reaches into the bedrooms of kids and youth. “The oppressive propaganda pictures show the cruel reality: Jihadists from Germany commit atrocities and at the same time are used as cannon fodder,” warned Jäger. (Orig. text: ga)