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Weather: Autumn heat warning issued

Weather : Autumn heat warning issued

The German weather office says soaring temperatures will continue to mid week.

While supermarkets are already trying to get customers into the Christmas spirit, the German weather service has issued a heat warning. In Berlin, south Brandenburg, east Saxony-Anhalt and north-west Saxony, temperatures of up to 33 degrees are expected at the beginning of this week says meteorologist Linda Jäckel of the German weather service in Potsdam. The warning lasts until Tuesday and possibly Wednesday.

The weather service issues a heat warning when the temperature rises above around 32 degrees for two days in a row and only drops a little at night. In Magdeburg on Monday, the temperature apparently rose to over 35 degrees. The record for September is 34.9 degrees, recorded on 4 September 1895 in Potsdam.

Manuel Voigt, a meteorologist in Leipzig, says it is unusual for such a warning to be given in the middle of September. It is not normal to have days of unbroken heat with nearly 100 per cent sunshine. “We didn’t have that all summer,” says Voigt of the Leipzig region.

For meteorologists, autumn begins on 1 September and lasts until 30 November. According to the calendar, autumn begins on 22 September.

With temperatures of around 30 degrees, the weather in Bonn and the region is also very summery - and should remain so until Thursday. Temperatures will then fall to 24 degrees. The weekend temperatures will be lower again - no higher than around 20 degrees with possible isolated showers. (Michael Wrobel, with material from dpa; translated by Kate Carey).