Renovations through November B 9 traffic back-up due to work at the Hochkreuz stop

BONN-HOCHKREUZ · Bonn municipal utilities company SWB is renewing the public transport stop at Hochkreuz, resulting in traffic jams on the B9. Motorists will need lots of patience because when one side is completed, work will move to the other side.

Renovations through November: B 9 traffic back-up due to work at the Hochkreuz stop
Foto: Axel Vogel

Motorists driving from Bad Godesberg to Bonn on the B 9 have to bring a little patience with them at the moment. The municipal public utilities company, Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB) is renewing the Hochkreuz public transport stop, and the left lane heading north is partially closed. The renovation work requires a construction container placed there so workers can dispose of the resulting debris, according to SWB spokeswoman Veronika John. Depending on the time of day and the volume of traffic, long traffic jams form.

The Hochkreuz stop will probably be renovated by mid-November. According to SWB, the partial closure of the lane will last for about three months in each direction. Currently, the work affects the B 9 lanes heading towards Bonn. Tram lines 16, 63 and 67 are affected. Alternatives are the stops Max-Löbner-Straße and Wurzerstraße. According to the municipal utilities, the first is about 600 meters away from Hochkreuz and the second about 750 meters. Those who cannot cover this distance on foot should continue on for one station and get on a train in the opposite direction.

But exactly what work is being done? "The surfaces of the two platforms will be renewed," John said. In addition, the structure must be sealed to prevent water from getting inside. "As well, the plastering on the platforms will be renewed."

The tram stop in the direction of Bonn is expected to be completed by mid-August. After that, work will begin on the side which serves riders traveling in the direction of Bad Godesberg. This is expected to continue until the end of November.

To make room for the container, one lane must be closed daily from 9 am to 3 pm. "The container will be removed (each day) by 3 p.m.," John explained. Not only will the container be parked there, but excavators and other equipment will also use the lane during that time period. "In this way, the disruption of traffic is to be reduced to a minimum," the SWB spokeswoman continued.

Orig. text: Ayla Jacob Translation: Carol Kloeppel

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