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After water main burst in Bonn: B9 at Bundeskanzlerplatz closed until September 11

After water main burst in Bonn : B9 at Bundeskanzlerplatz closed until September 11

The Bundesstrasse 9 at Bundeskanzlerplatz in Bonn will remain fully closed until September 11. The municipal utilities have now announced that traffic will be routed via Reuterstrasse and Kaiserstrasse during repairs due to the burst water main.

The repair of the water main burst on the Adenauerallee takes longer than initially assumed. According to public utility spokesperson Michael Henseler, SWB assumes that the renovation of the section of the B9 that has been closed for a week will take until September 11. There, the road surface must be newly asphalted over a length of 40 metres and a width of seven metres.

The Adenauerallee remains closed from the Bundeskanzlerplatz in the direction of the city centre, the detour from the south leads via Reuterstrasse and Kaiserstrasse. The city will observe a pilot test with extended city ring and one-way traffic on Kaiserstrasse from 1 September and see whether there will be problems with the diversion during the B9 construction site. The press office said that they would react if necessary.

As reported, the water main had burst on Wednesday last week in the early morning hours at the height of house numbers 139-141. According to Henseler, the split in the pipe had been repaired. The roadway, however, must be rehabilitated using the three-layer method, and the individual layers must be dried one after the other. The necessary marking work will then be carried out. The costly intervention was necessary because the B9 was one of Bonn's busiest roads.

Stadtwerke and City Council were able to complete the planned construction work during the less busy holiday weeks. Nevertheless, according to Peter Esch, head of the civil engineering office, two problem areas remained: the aforementioned B 9 and the construction site for NRW roads on the 565 motorway, "which causes a traffic chaos every afternoon on the west-east connection through the city".

The new tracks in Bonn's Talweg, Reuterstraße and Hausdorffstraße have been installed, and the trams are running again. On Robert-Koch-Strasse up to Venusberg, the city completed the road surface between Nachtigallenweg and Hauweg as well as between Heinrich-Lützeler-Strasse and Im Wingert on the holiday weekends for 420,000 euros. The one-side closure of Thomastraße at the old cemetery with a traffic light due to the renovation of the Viktoria bridge was lifted earlier than planned, according to the city. (Original text: Philipp Königs, Nicolas Ottersbach. Translation: Mareike Graepel)