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Mehlem canal work: B9 one lane in both directions

Mehlem canal work : B9 one lane in both directions

Canal work at the B9 in Mehlem is causing some road closures, making it a bit messy for motorists. Some relief is expected in a week when urgent repairs are completed.

Motorists needed a lot of patience on Thursday morning on the B9 in Mehlem. And the city bureau of engineering can’t promise it will get any better in the coming days. The reason is canal work on Koblenzer and Drachenburgstraße. The city had announced some days ago that there would be construction areas set up around the Mehlem train station. Head of the bureau, Peter Esch said the work had been delayed due to the permanent frost.

Both directions of Mainzer and Remagener Straße (B9) will be only one lane in the vicinity of the Mehlem train station, even if the work is taking place underground. Making it difficult for drivers, no left turn is allowed from Remagener Straße onto Drachenburgstraße. “This unfortunately can not be prevented because two shafts are in danger of collapsing and for the sake of security, they must be urgently renewed,” explained Esch. This work will take approximately one week and then Esch is hoping the traffic situation will relax a little.

What this means for drivers: Coming from Remagen on the B9, the right lane going straight ahead is closed, and the left turn lane to Drachenburgstraße is also blocked off. Coming from Bonn, drivers also have only one lane, but are allowed to turn left to Mehlem or make a right to the train station.

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