Homicide investigation Bad Godesberg: 17-year-old seriously injured in fight

Bonn · The Bonn homicide squad is investigating after an altercation in Bad Godesberg on Saturday night in which a 17-year-old sustained serious injuries. The police are looking for witnesses.

 A blue light on the roof of a police car.

A blue light on the roof of a police car.

Foto: dpa/Friso Gentsch

A 17-year-old was seriously injured in an altercation in the Bad Godesberg district of Bonn on Saturday night. According to the police on Sunday, residents had been alerted to the fight between at least two men in Junkerstraße by screams at around 0.40 a.m. and had alerted the officers.

When the police officers arrived at the scene, the second, so far unknown participant had fled. A manhunt has not yielded any results so far. The officers used a tourniquet to stop the life-threatening bleeding of the seriously injured 17-year-old before he was taken to hospital.

Homicide squad investigates

Police are investigating whether other persons were involved in the altercation. During the night, the homicide squad of the Bonn police took over the investigation in coordination with senior public prosecutor Claudia Heitmann.

The police are looking for further witnesses who may have observed the events or the persons involved in the escape. If you have any information for the homicide squad please contact them by calling 0228 15-0.

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Translation: Mareike Graepel

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