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Former Knauber store in Bonn: Bauhaus opens on Endenicher Strasse

Former Knauber store in Bonn : Bauhaus opens on Endenicher Strasse

On its opening day, the Bauhaus store on Endenicher Strasse was well-visited. Customers' opinions differed with regard to the former Knauber store that it replaced. Some were happy about the new store, others remembered the old times with a sense of wistfulness.

On Friday morning the parking lot in front of the Bauhaus on Endenicher Strasse was already full. After Knauber had to close its stores in Bonn, Bauhaus rebuilt the spaces and reopened. And there was already a lot going on in the new store on Friday.

"It's very different from the way it used to be," says a 73-year-old woman from Bonn who had just come out of the home improvement store. "Even today, I only came and walked through it because of my curiosity. It has changed a lot.” With a little melancholy she remembers when it was Knauber. "If you needed to buy a little present, you could always find one there.”

A father, walking to his car with with two boxes and his daughter, views the new opening very positively. "I like it better now," he says. It has a clearer layout than what Knauber had in the past. "They have changed a lot." His daughter adds: "They have a very nice handicraft department." A customer who comes from the store with several plants does not yet want to make a final judgement. "I had to find my way around there at first," she says. She always liked going to Knauber. She also recognized a few employees from the past. "But it was pretty crowded in there," she says about the opening day. Still, she will continue shopping there. "For me, Bauhaus is simply closer than the Obi in north Bonn.”

A man going to his car in a hurry, when asked how he liked the new store, said quickly and concisely: "It's just a typical home improvement store. I preferred Knauber.”

The company is keeping quiet about how much the investment for the four new locations will cost. In response to an inquiry from the GA, the company replied briefly that "Bauhaus does not wish to comment on the total investment made - also keeping in agreement with the Knauber company.”

(Orig. text: Thomas Leurs / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)