Of beans and grapes “Beans & Grapes” aims to bring specialty coffee to Bonn's city center

Bonn · Lena Schnitzler has opened a small store and café on Friedrichstrasse in Bonn city center. “Beans & Grapes" offers specialty coffees from a Spanish portafilter machine along with three seminars on coffee and wine.

 Passionate about coffee and wine: Lena Schnitzler in her new Beans & Grapes.

Passionate about coffee and wine: Lena Schnitzler in her new Beans & Grapes.

Foto: Horst Müller

"Coffee and wine have been a passion of mine for a long time," says Lena Schnitzler. The 29-year-old, who works as a civil servant for the city of Bonn, founded her company Beans & Grapes at the beginning of 2024, and now it includes a small store and café on Bonn's Friedrichstrasse ("always my favorite street"). Before she came there, the space housed a ticket store.

"I want to bring specialty coffee to Bonn's city center," says the young entrepreneur, explaining her vision. "High-quality, directly sourced and fairly produced beans, organically grown and gently roasted here on site in small batches from start to finish." Schnitzler works with two cooperatives in Peru and Guatemala. On request, customers can also put together their own blend and have it roasted.

Portafilter machines from Italy dominate the culinary scene in Bonn and the region, but there are also French brands here and there. What’s unique about Beans & Grapes is that the coffee specialties are prepared in a Spanish portafilter machine from Iberital, a manufacturer that has only recently emerged outside of Spain.

An espresso costs two euros, a flat white four euros and the café crema three euros. Oat milk is available at no extra charge.

There are four seats on flat cushions on the windowsill in the small guest area and tasting room, and a terrace in front of the building with eight seats is due to open soon. One can buy the coffee roast Blend No.1 (250 grams for ten euros), olive oil from California (0.75 liters for 25 euros), honey from a Cologne beekeeping company (ten euros), coffee cherry tea from Peru for seven euros, whole cane sugar Panela Azucar (250 grams for five euros) and also accessories such as coffee tins and a metal coffee grinder from Gronenberg (30 euros).

When it comes to wine, Lena Schnitzler works with the Häußermann Demeter winery in Baden, a family-run business since 1580. The Merlot and Sauvignon Blanc are available at 15 euros a bottle. It is not possible to order a glass or a bottle of wine to enjoy on site, but it is possible to taste it.

Beans & Grapes also offers three different seminars: "Barista" and "Roasting" (two to three hours each, 99 euros per person) and "Wine" (three to four hours, 129 euros per participant).

Info: Beans & Grapes, Friedrichstr. 36, 53111 Bonn-Innenstadt, www.beansandgrapes.de. Open Tue-Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun and public holidays 12pm - 6 pm, closed on Mondays.

Orig. text: Hagen Haas

Translation: ck

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