Weather in Bonn and the region Beginning of the week brings cooler weather

Relief is in sight - temperatures will drop to around 24 degrees by Tuesday. Until then, we must continue to put up the heat wave. Authorities are warning of an increased risk of forest fires.

Since the official start of summer on June 21, the weather has lived up to summer expectations - but soon there will be a cooling off period which will be welcomed by many people. After a hot Sunday, Monday will still have high temperatures up to 29 degrees, but come Tuesday the thermometers will climb to a maximum of 24 degrees, according to weather services.

And yet it may be preliminary to breath a sigh of relief because already on Wednesday the next high pressure system will bring more warm air into the area. The weather will remain mostly dry and this also means the danger of forest fires will remain. In NRW, the highest warning level applies on Sunday in some cases.

What to do in the heat?

When there are several days of heat and hot nights in a row, the strain on the human body is extreme - especially for small children, elderly people and people with impaired health. They are all at risk. ”Anyone who can should get out of the city," recommends Matthias Habel of the Wetter Online weather service in Bonn. In the Siebengebirge, Kottenforst or on the banks of the Rhine, the heat is much more bearable.

The city of Bonn recommends limiting outdoor activities to the morning and evening hours and avoiding physical exertion - including sports. Those who can should also stay in the shade or coolest rooms possible, make sure they drink enough fluids and avoid alcoholic and very cold drinks. If possible, rooms should be darkened with shutters and curtains during the day.

Hot days and hot nights in the Rhineland

For Habel, the heat wave is by no means an exceptional phenomenon. Only when it reaches 40 degrees in June does it give pause for thought. Until then, Habel said, "Don't curse about the weather, enjoy it and put your feet in the water." The dry weather makes the heat more bearable. "Some people pay a lot of money to experience such weather in southern Spain."

While in peripheral areas such as Röttgen, Ückesdorf or the south of Ippendorf, cool air from the hills and from the side valleys of the Kottenforst refresh the heated districts, heat accumulates in Neu-Tannenbusch, Duisdorf, Beuel, Bad Godesberg and in the city center like in a hot oven.

This so-called "heat effect" sometimes results in temperature differences of 5 to 10 degrees in Bonn and the region, explains Habel. By the way: Those who see 44 degrees on the thermometer on their own house wall or in the car, should not be surprised, says Habel. This does not have much to do with metrological measurements.

Heat records in Bonn

Not until 2018 did Bonn reach a new heat record with 39.1 degrees. It was the second highest temperature ever measured in Bonn since 1895, the beginning of weather records. The record is 39.2 degrees, measured on 12 August 2003.

June 2019 is about to become the warmest June since 1895. The monthly temperature reached so far (20.4 degrees) is only 0.1 degrees behind the record holder of June 2017.

The highest ever June temperature was 38.1 degrees - measured on 22 June 2017. 18 June 2002 was also warm with 38 degrees. The third highest June temperature was 37.9 degrees, measured on 27 June 1947 in Cologne-Stammheim - and in Bonn. On Tuesday, 25 June, the highest temperature ever recorded in 2019 was 37.6 degrees Celsius.

Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz

Translation: ck

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