New gourmet fast-food chain “Ben Green” opens at Cologne-Bonn Airport

Cologne · Former soccer professional Marcell Jansen and Steffen Henssler, who has a cooking show on German television, opened a new restaurant at Cologne-Bonn Airport. It’s all about healthy food which is quickly prepared.

Ex-soccer pro Marcell Jansen obviously finds it difficult to cook. He sprinkles rather awkwardly a few spices on the salad. At the same time, he looks questioningly at TV cook Steffen Henssler, who does it a whole lot better. A matter of routine, Henssler places two pieces of salmon on lettuce leaves, and moves the white bowls so photographers can get a good picture.

“I can’t really cook, so that’s why I brought Henssler on board,” explains Jansen. The results of this new cooperation can be seen at the Cologne/Bonn Airport. There, the two men opened the first restaurant of the gourmet fast food chain “Ben Green.”

Whoever has passed through Terminal 1 in the past three months may have already had the opportunity to test the new restaurant. “We wanted to see how it was received. The result is good,” said Henssler. Were the two afraid of a flop and unwilling in the beginning to say who was behind the new gastronomy concept? No answer to that question. But for sure an explanation as to how the footballer-cook combination came about.

The idea came from Jansen. “I’ve been involved with food all my life - as a professional sports player, you have to bring the best possible performance,” he says. Sometimes, food caused him problems as he suddenly reacted allergically to certain items. “And when I cooked with my teammates myself, the time lapse between waiting and eating time was not right.” Until all was finished, it usually took an hour.

“Ben Green” is supposed to replace that. Quick, tasty and healthy food without using additives such as gluten and glutamate. The dishes were created by Henssler, who had known Jansen for a long time. “Healthy does not mean that it must necessarily be organic,” explains Henssler. Even a cookie or a chocolate bar can be healthy for the body if agreeable.

The basis of “Ben Green” is vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free. Meat, fish and scampi can be chosen as side dishes. Customers create their “bowls” themselves or can adjust items from the menu. There are various noodle dishes, salads, soups, sushi, quiches and sandwiches. The prices range from seven to twelve euros for a dish.

“Part of the concept is to address both people who are consciously eating healthy, as well as people like my father who just want to be finished and full,” says Jansen. He chose the airport because it had “ideal conditions” for a first opening. It wasn’t too big but had a lot of foot traffic. Next up is Henssler’s hometown of Hamburg and then Berlin. (Orig. text: Nicolas Otterbach)

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