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Wachtberg Chamber Orchestra: Benefit concert to help education project in Nigeria

Wachtberg Chamber Orchestra : Benefit concert to help education project in Nigeria

A priest who once studied in Bonn is back in Nigeria running an education center. He is supported by an association in Bonn called “Enyiduru”. It will be holding a benefit concert next weekend.

“Education is liberation.” This is the phrase used by the Bonn association “Enyiduru Project Nigeria” in their promotion for an education project in Nigeria. To mark the 20-year anniversary of the project, the Wachtberg Chamber Orchestra will give a benefit concert on Saturday, February 4 at 5 pm in the Bonn Luther Church.

The word “Enyiduru” refers to special characteristics of elephants such as wisdom, strength and longevity. The organization was founded in 1996 by Lioba Brockamp and Birgitta Schneider, and it supports cleric Boniface Amu who studied in Bonn, and then established an education center in Nsukka in Nigeria. The goal is to help fight bitter poverty caused by lack of education.

Birgitta Schneider spent the last three months in Nsukka and reported on progress that had been made there; a large education center for children and adults - even with a drinking water supply. Around 400 school children visit the center and receive a warm meal there three times a week. Brockamp says this is an important feature because kids often come hungry to classes. Up to now, just about one million euros has been raised and invested in the project.

Success in the past years has spurred on continued activity in the association. Proceeds from the concert will go to “Enyiduru.” Admission is free but donations are kindly requested. More information can be found at: www.enyiduru.de. (Orig. text: Doris Pfaff)