Climate conference related action Bicyclists want to demonstrate on the A 555

BONN · Organizers of a demonstration planned for November 4th are at odds with police. The protestors want to ride down the A 555 autobahn on around 1,000 bicycles.

Police turned down the request for the autobahn demonstration because of the traffic situation. It was unclear if the bicyclists wanted to use “only” the lanes in the direction of Bonn or all six lanes. In any case, motorists would be blocked from using part of the autobahn during the demonstration. Now the organizers are considering taking their case to court.

“We are riding on the motorway to send a clear signal for a changed and sustainable culture of mobility,” read a call from the organizers, which includes Greenpeace, Attac and ADFC (regional bike club). Among the supporters are the Greens and the Leftist parties.

Organizers plan for the participants to meet in Cologne and ride to Bonn on the motorway. In Bonn, they would unite with a large demonstration, which police say would give a total of around 10,000 people. On foot, they would then move from Münsterplatz in Bonn city center to the conference venue at the World Conference Center Bonn (WCCB). The Adenauerallee would have to be closed temporarily.

Cyclists to come in red clothing

"This is the beginning of a whole series of protest campaigns corresponding with the World Climate Conference", said the call from the organizers. And further: "Please come in red clothes, because we want to show a red line." The police had given demonstrators permission to use an alternative route on the Bundestraße 9 and along the Rhine riverbank.

Last week at a press conference, police were confident that the motorway demonstration was off the table. But the organizers do not seem to be satisfied. Tim Petzoldt of Greenpeace Cologne said “at least half the route should be on the motorway.” Otherwise, they would get the court involved. On Wednesday, it was not yet clear if an agreement could be reached or if the matter would find its way to court.

(Orig. text: Rüdiger Franz, Translation: ckloep)

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