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Major call out for fire brigade: Blaze destroys house roof in Königswinter-Vinxel

Major call out for fire brigade : Blaze destroys house roof in Königswinter-Vinxel

The house of a woman who is on holidays currently, is uninhabitable since a fire on Sunday afternoon. One fire fighter was injured during the incident, the police investigate.

A fire has destroyed the roof truss of a house in Königswinter-Vinxel on Sunday afternoon. The fire brigade was able to prevent the fire from spreading to other parts of the building and the surrounding vegetation, but the house is now uninhabitable.

Residents had noticed the smell of smoke and contacted the fire brigade around 4.45pm. Shortly afterwards, smoke rose from the house on Markgrafenstraße. Neighbours handed the fire fighters a key as the resident of the house is on holidays currently.

The fire brigade fought the fire from the inside and the outside, with the aid of a turntable ladder, to avoid the fire spreading to the trees close-by and other levels in the building.

After about two hours the fire brigade had the blaze under control, but the aftermath work continued into the evening.

One fire fighter was injured in the incident and was brought to hospital by ambulance. In total, 60 fire fighters were called out, from units in Bockeroth, Oelberg, Oberdollendorf, Uthweiler, plus the old town volunteer fire department Königswinter, as well as the Holtorf unit of the fire brigade Bonn under commandment of city fire inspector Michael Dahm. Neighbours and the Red Cross supplied emergency personnel with cold beverages.

The cause of the fire is unclear as Bonn police investigate.

(Original text: GA Bonn; Translation: Mareike Graepel)