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Former parliament housing: Boarding house at WCCB opens

Former parliament housing : Boarding house at WCCB opens

It may have taken some time, but the apartments once used by German Parliament members have now been fully modernized and are available for short and long term rentals.

It’s been 18 years since the German Parliament moved to Berlin. Finally, the apartments which were used by members of parliament have been renovated and they are once again in operation. The three apartment buildings on Heusallee 7 - 11 were built in 1965/66, and used as a home away from home for the members of parliament until 1999. In 2014, the City of Bonn handed over the buildings to the Bonn Conference Center Management GmbH.

Two of the so-called “boarding houses” were opened in June. There are 46 apartments near the WCCB which can be rented out for one night up to six months. The Berlin firm organizing the UN Climate Change Conference will be needing 40 of the apartments for its employees in the short term. Rental prices range from 89 to 179 euros per night depending upon which day of the week and the time of year.

Renovation of the apartments had to be in kept in line with historical preservation guidelines and the estimated cost of 4.4 million euros rose to 8.4 million euros, confirmed city spokesperson Monika Hörig. At one point there had been calls to tear down the buildings, but historical protection authorities argued successfully to keep the former parliamentarian housing. It was a long process to transfer ownership of the properties from the federal to city government and on to the Bonn Conference Center Management GmbH.

Work began in 2012 to renovate the apartments and according to marketing director Christina Esser, there was still work being completed in one of the buildings just a few weeks ago. The building at Heusallee 7 had housed construction offices during the renovation process.

Apartments fitted with thoughtful details

The results of the apartment makeovers reflect the wishes of the historical preservation authorities while revealing fully modernized and functional rooms. They are noticeably designed with great thought put into the details; all have a bathroom, kitchenette, walk-in closet which can also hold suitcases, and balconies. Walls are adorned with black and white photos from the period of time when Bonn was capital of Germany. In the basement are washers and dryers, and a place for bicycles.

What stands out is the narrow bathroom doors and the heavy entry doors. Back then, there was concern about listening in on the parliamentarians. Still missing is the outdoor furniture for the spacious balconies. “But they have already been ordered,” said apartment manager Claudia Tewes.

For more information about the apartments and for booking, please visit the German/English website: www.boarding-haus-heussallee.com

(Orig. text: Martin Wein, Translation: ckloep)