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Public viewing: Bonn allows European Cup events – with restrictions

Public viewing : Bonn allows European Cup events – with restrictions

On Friday, the European Football Championship begins. Bonn restaurateurs are allowed to show the games, but significant restrictions apply. The establishments react differently to the regulations.

For a year, soccer fans had to wait for the postponed European Championship. On June 11, however, the time has come. Public viewing in restaurants and pubs, in the streets and squares of Bonn is a fixed part of the tournament. This year, too, this is possible, but with significant restrictions.

In response to a GA inquiry, the city of Bonn says: "In principle, public viewing is permitted in compliance with the requirements of the Corona Protection Ordinance, especially for outdoor catering." However, the games may only be broadcast without sound and consequently not via loudspeaker systems, the city says.

Currently, in Bonn, the use of outdoor catering is only possible with a confirmed negative test result or for vaccinated or recovered people. Guests must be seated and easy traceability must be ensured. A minimum distance of 1.5 meters must be maintained between tables and seats. A partition between tables will allow tables to be placed closer together. The city points out that the establishments showing the games are also responsible for any crowding that may occur around their establishments.

According to the city of Bonn, the fact that the restaurateurs are not allowed to transmit sound is related to a lack of legal basis. Usually, the restaurateurs have received an exemption according to the State Immission Control Act in the past years, so that they are allowed to broadcast the games with sound until 11 pm. This permit does not exist this year. According to the press office of the city of Bonn, the state of NRW decides on the possibility of such an exemption, which in turn empowers the municipalities to grant the permit to the restaurateurs. This year, however, the state of NRW decided against an exemption, the city said.

Different reactions from Bonn’s restaurateurs

Gastronomes in Bonn are dealing with this in different ways. The pub "Bla" in Bonn's old town informs on request that it will broadcast the games without sound. The beer garden "Alter Zoll" also wants to show the games under the given conditions. The owner of the beer garden "Zum blauen Affen", Sino Slavicek, wanted to broadcast the games on a big screen. He still does not want to refrain from this and will now be forced to do so without sound. Also the owner of the brewery at the Ennert, Uwe Lorbetzki, planned to be allowed to transmit the European championship on several screens and with a proper sound. The fact that the sound is now omitted is not logical for him and very annoying, he tells the General Anzeiger. But even he would still like to offer the public viewing under the given conditions.

The owner of the pub "Nyx", Ragnar Fleischmann, has now decided against showing the games. For him, the regulation is not feasible and not realistic: "After all, I would have to make sure that people don't cheer in the evening during the games to avoid noise." He is annoyed by the regulations, "It means that people will watch the games in their own homes again, and not regulated, not as with contact tracking and spacing in restaurants." For him, the European Cup would have been an important source of income - especially after 15 months of pandemic. That he can't show the games now means, in turn, fewer customers during the European Cup. "People are not going to give up an important game in favor of gastronomy," Fleischmann knows.

Some restaurateurs are not yet sure whether they want to offer public viewing. This is also the case with Brauhaus Bönnsch. If the incidence value continues to be over 50 in Bonn, they will probably do without, according to an employee of the brewery. Also the park restaurant Rheinaue communicates that they have not planned anything yet.

Normally, the owner of the "Nyx" in the old town offered a large public viewing on the Frankenbadplatz. This is cancelled this year. Just like further large Public Viewing meetings of the past years: There will be no Rudelgucken in the Kinopolis, just the same as in the bridge forum in Beuel or at the hotel Kameha at the Rhine.

Only the Bonn Kulturgarten will remain. The European Championship match between Germany and France on June 15 will kick off the Kulturgarten. And also all further German games of the European championship are transmitted here on a large screen. To ensure that everything is Corona-compliant, visitors will be segregated into separate sections. Ten people can be accommodated in one section. Tickets must be purchased to attend the public viewing.

Original text: Sofia Grillo

Translation: Mareike Graepel