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Masks recommended on streets when full: Bonn allows maximum of 50 guests at private parties

Masks recommended on streets when full : Bonn allows maximum of 50 guests at private parties

As the number of coronavirus cases in Bonn continues to rise, the city is making further recommendations on how citizens should conduct themselves. It now recommends wearing masks on crowded shopping streets in the city.

Since a continual increase in the number of coronavirus infections is expected, the city of Bonn feels compelled to put out some urgent recommendations as a precautionary measure. It has also issued a general public order with further protective measures to keep the spread of the pandemic in check as much as possible.

In a communication issued on Friday afternoon, the city recommends wearing masks everywhere where social distancing is not possible. This can also include a somewhat crowded shopping street. The city also advises to wear masks in secondary schools and adult education institutions during lessons. It recommends installing the Corona Warning App whenever possible and airing the room regularly where possible.

In addition to the provisions of the Corona Protection Ordinance, the city has decreed, with effect from Saturday, October 10, that audiences will no longer be allowed to sing along at public events in closed rooms.

For private parties the following applies: Inside public and rented rooms the number of participants is limited to 50. The party must be registered in advance if more than 25 people are present. A hotline will be set up from Monday, October 12 where people can call to register such private events: 0228 775090. It will be manned from Monday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. and on Fridays from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. A form will also be available online on the city's website. The organizer is responsible for guaranteeing easy traceability via name, address, telephone number and period of stay of the participants. Until Thursday, the city had not yet been able to clarify conclusively whether celebrations should be limited to a number of 50 guests.

Sports events in closed spaces may only be held under certain conditions. For the public, this means: masks must be worn at all times, no singing/cheering and easy traceability of the participants must be guaranteed by the organizer and checked for authenticity.

City director and crisis management team leader Wolfgang Fuchs announced that all measures would be subject to increased regulatory scrutiny: "We believe it is responsible not to recommend any further measures at present because the infection currently has no hotspots, but is more likely to be spread by families and circles of friends within the framework of private gatherings and celebrations. All the same, we must all be very vigilant and must not slacken in our efforts to protect each other. Part of that also means to enjoy alcohol only in moderation.”

As of October 9, the city of Bonn has 111 acute cases of Covid-19; a total of 1,395 infections have been confirmed since the outbreak of the virus. 1,275 people have recovered and nine people have died. In the last seven days there have been 114 new infections. The 7-day incidence is exactly 34.55. 17 people who tested positive are currently in Bonn hospitals: seven on normal wards, ten are in intensive care, three of them are on ventilators.

(Orig. text: Thomas Leurs; Translation: ck)