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NRW supplies less Astrazeneca: Bonn cancels 1600 free vaccination appointments

NRW supplies less Astrazeneca : Bonn cancels 1600 free vaccination appointments

The State Ministry of Health allocates 3200 fewer Astrazeneca vaccine doses to the federal city of Bonn than planned. This has an impact on teachers and kindergarten staff in particular.

This week, the city of Bonn has to cancel 1600 vaccination appointments that were previously free. As the administration announced, the state government by decree on Monday reduced the allocation of vaccine from Astrazeneca for Bonn by 3200 vaccine doses for the currently ongoing vaccinations until 28 March. All cities and districts in NRW are affected by the reduction in vaccine doses.

This has a direct impact on teachers and kindergarten staff, for example, for whom the number of vaccination appointments has had to be "drastically reduced" in the current week, according to the city. There have been no cancellations of already booked vaccination appointments so far, but the waiting list is growing.

According to the city, the vaccinations of people over 80 with the Biontech vaccine have not been able to fill the capacity of the vaccination centre. "Therefore, the capacities were shifted to the homes of people in need of care," the press office said. Currently, the vaccine is being administered by two mobile teams to 30 households and two caregivers every day. So far, about 350 people classified as care degree 4 or 5 and their caregivers have been immunised. According to the city, the mobile vaccinations will continue throughout the week.

In addition to persons in care degrees 4 and 5, other bedridden persons who have reached the age of 80 and would like to be vaccinated at home, together with two carers, can also register with the Federal City of Bonn at pflege.impfen@bonn.de.

Original text: GA - Translation: Mareike Graepel