United Nations in Bonn Bonn celebrates a special birthday

Bonn · It is a big year for the United Nations this year as it celebrates its 75th anniversary. Banners and UN flags will be place placed around Bonn to mark the special occasion. A survey also asks citizens about their view on the future of International cooperation.

 The United Nations in Bonn.

The United Nations in Bonn.

Foto: picture alliance / dpa/Oliver Berg

The City of Bonn and the United Nations are joining forces to make people aware of the "UN75" campaign. The campaign was launched to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations this year.

For several weeks, there will be 32 banners on the Kennedy Bridge and ten large information posts on Heussallee, Welckerstrasse and Dahlmannstrasse, all providing information about the UN campaign and encouraging Bonn residents to take part.

On the 75th anniversary of the UN, which takes place on June 26, 2020, around 100 UN flags will adorn the city. These will be placed, for example on the banks of the Rhine at Brassertufer and Rathenauufer, at the Rhine riverside in Beuel, on the roundabout in the Rheinaue, on Ria-Maternus-Platz in Bad Godesberg and at Hardtberg City Hall.

In conjunction with this, the UN is conducting global opinion polls around the world to find out from citizens what they think international cooperation should look like in the future.

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