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Cancellations and timetable changes: Bonn central station to be closed until 1 July

Cancellations and timetable changes : Bonn central station to be closed until 1 July

Most trains will not be able to reach Bonn Main Station in the coming days. Only the RE5 and the S23 can reach the station, but there will be new departure times.

Most trains will not stop at Bonn Central Station from today, Thursday 27 June to Monday, 1 July at 0.30 a.m.. The background is modernisation work such as the extension of the platform on track 3 and the renewal of tracks and points. Only the Regionalexpress RE5 and the Voreifelbahn S23 will reach the station, but the journey times for the RE5 will change. Some of the long-distance trains between Cologne and Bonn are cancelled completely.

Lines RB26 and RB30 cannot reach the station. The RB26 starts and ends in Roisdorf, the RB30 only goes from Koblenz to Godesberger Bahnhof. The RB48 only runs to the main station in the evening hours and also runs between Cologne main station and Wuppertal. U-Bahn traffic is not affected by the closures.

As announced by the Rhineland Local Transport Association as the responsible authority, the railway company Trans Regio will offer a rail replacement service for the RB26 between Bonn Central Station and Roisdorf. Such an offer was not planned before, but politicians had expressed their displeasure about it. A spokesman for Trans Regio stated on request that the central bus depot will be the exit and entry point at Bonn Central Station.

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On Thursday and Friday, 27 and 28 June, the company Train Rental will operate several special trains between Beuel station and Cologne South and in the opposite direction between Cologne Central Station and Beuel during peak traffic hours. At the main station and the Bad Godesberg and Beuel stations, additional staff will provide information about the changes. The NVR requests passengers to obtain travel information in good time at www.bahn.de or www.vrsinfo.de .

Meanwhile, DB confirmed that the elevator to Quantiusstrasse at the main station is working again. They are also working on repairing the escalator to platform 1. The escalator has been defective for weeks and should be running again by mid-July. The drive is being renewed. As recently reported, the breakdowns severely restricted accessibility.

Original text: Philipp Königs

Translation: Mareike Graepel