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Premiere for show on Pützchens market: Bonn Christmas Circus amazes audience

Premiere for show on Pützchens market : Bonn Christmas Circus amazes audience

Since Friday evening the Bonn Christmas Circus is performing on the premises of Pützchens Markt. A special highlight of this years show is the Chinese acrobatics.

How pliable is the human body? The Chinese snake dancers show how - in the Bonn Christmas Circus, which has been performing since Friday evening on the grounds of Pützchens Markt on Holzlarer Weg. Until 5 January, jugglers and other artists are showing what they can do.

One of the oldest forms of Chinese acrobatics is also fascinating: the art of hoop jumping at a height of up to two metres. It wants to remind us of the breakneck swallow's flight through the peepholes in the walls of the Forbidden City. The Chinese lion dance finally spreads real magic.

However, there is no need to be afraid of predators, because the costume of the King of the Animals contains entirely human acrobats. And of course, you can laugh too: Tonito Alexis from Spain and Patrick Lemoine from France make sure of that.

From 20 December to 5 January (with the exception of New Year's Eve), two performances are staged daily. The tickets can be purchased in advance at Bonnticket. Original text: Rüdiger Franz Translation: Mareike Graepel