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Visitors must meet requirements: Bonn Christmas market to have “3G” checks

Visitors must meet requirements : Bonn Christmas market to have “3G” checks

After last year without the Bonn Christmas market, many people were thrilled to learn it would be taking place again this year. But visitors will need to meet the so-called 3G requirement, meaning they will need to show proof that they have been tested, or are recovered or vaccinated.

The city of Bonn will allow the Christmas market in the city center to take place this year but the so-called 3G rule will be in effect. This requires visitors to be tested, recovered or vaccinated. According to the city administration, it is not possible to fence off the streets and town squares to control access to the Christmas market. Instead, the plan is for the Ordnungsamt (public order service) to carry out random checks to see whether visitors meet the 3G requirement.

"The concept has been discussed with the market organizers, and the contracts are on the way," City Manager Wolfgang Fuchs reported at Thursday night's council meeting. The city had looked into fencing off the Christmas market area but it was deemed not feasible due to technical reasons and because of the walkways, according to a written statement from the city council. It was also determined that reducing the number of vendors would not solve any of the problems brought on by the pandemic.

In taking this action, the municipality points to the current NRW Corona Protection Ordinance, which says outdoor events with more than 2,500 people are possible in compliance with the 3G rule. A hygiene protocol is also being planned. On the roads leading into the city center and at the Christmas market itself, signs are to be posted to inform visitors of the 3G requirement. "The Ordnungsamt will carry out and document the random checks at the Christmas market in accordance with data protection," the city writes. On Friday, information was not yet available as to what kind of penalty or reprimand would be imposed on those who do not comply with the 3G rule. To enforce the possible removal of Christmas market visitors who are neither vaccinated nor recovered or tested, the city is likely to rely on assistance from the police. Officers with the Ordnungsamt are also allowed to send away visitors who are not in compliance.

The popular Christmas market had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the pandemic. The Bonn district council will lengthen it by two days this year. It is scheduled to begin on Wednesday, November 17, and will last until December 23. Depending on how the Covid situation develops, however, "timely changes and adjustments" cannot be ruled out, stressed the city administration.

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