A chance to tell your story Bonn City Museum opens a studio for personal stories

Bonn · The Bonn City Museum is banking on fresh ideas and participation from residents as it looks for new impulses. In the studio called "studio_bnx", Bonn residents can share their personal experiences and stories, and leave them for the memory of the city.

A chance to tell your story: Bonn City Museum opens a studio for personal stories
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The Bonn Stadtmuseum (City Museum) on Franziskanerstrasse wants to reorient itself and is on the lookout for new ideas, including those which involve the participation of Bonn residents. With the new "studio_bnx", the museum opened a communication room suitable for this purpose on Friday.  It is located near the museum's permanent exhibition. "Today is a great day for the City Museum. This is already my new favorite place," said Dr. Philipp Hoffmann, recently  appointed director of the new Center for Urban History and Memory Cultures.  He made the statement at the official opening of the center. 

People passing by had already noticed in recent weeks that something was happening a few meters away from the Bonn City Museum: "Numerous people stopped and asked us what we were doing here. We have brought this room out of its slumber and converted the former storage room into an exhibition and workshop space," Hoffmann reports.

 Visitors can show how they are part of Bonn’s history

Visitors to the "studio_bnx" - "bn" stands for Bonn, the "x" for the "unknown" - can take advantage of the new offer, which is open to everyone. From now on, it will be open five days a week and visitors are invited to enter into a dialog with those responsible for the Bonn City Museum in a casual setting. In working through the city's history, the focus will be particularly on the individual and personal experiences of Bonn residents.

The new studio at Franziskanerstrasse 3 offers visitors the opportunity to engage with Bonn's city history at various stages.  In a relaxed atmosphere, people can show how they are part of Bonn's history. "Anyone who has a Bonn story to tell is invited," says Yvonne Katzy, project manager for the new studio at the Bonn City Museum.

Workshops are also planned

Workshops on various topics are also planned, with the first dates to be announced as early as next week. Those who can't or don't want to come to the City Museum can still participate: "In the coming weeks, we will also go to the city districts with our delivery bike and collect stories from people on location," reports Katzy.

Some programs with resident participation have already been carried out, and their memories have been collected in the process. "We already have some great results," Hoffmann is pleased to report. One participant told how he found the love of his life while studying in Bonn and decided to stay in Bonn forever.  Regulars at a pub have also contributed to the history collection with many fond memories of their meeting place.

All the stories will be documented in the "studio_bnx". Coming next is an Instagram photo walk on March 13, where participants will look for special places in Bad Godesberg. All upcoming projects will be posted at "studio_bnx" and can also be found at www.bonn.de in the city of Bonn's calendar of events.

The "studio_bnx" is open Tuesdays through Saturdays from 11 am to 6 pm. The permanent exhibition in the City Museum will remain closed until the end of April - but the studio will continue to offer guided tours of the exhibition for visitors.

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