International pub opens Bonn cult pub Billa-Bonn is back in the Old Town

BONN · Fans of the former Australian cult pub Billabong will be happy: Alex and Steven Deurer have re-opened the establishment. It is now an international pub called “Billa-Bonn".

International pub opens: Bonn cult pub Billa-Bonn is back in the Old Town
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The Bonn cult pub Billa-Bonn is back in the Altstadt (Old Town). From December 1995 to 2016, the then Australian pub was located in Breite Straße under the name Billabong, and for three years - (renamed Billa-Bonn at the time) - on Rheingasse near the Bonn Opera. Now Alex Deurer and Steven Deurer have reopened the popular establishment as an international pub in the Old Town, at the corner of Wolfstraße and Peterstraße.

Why the rebranding from "Australian" to "International Pub"? "We have a large international clientele and unfortunately the availability of Australian products has not always been guaranteed," explains Alex Deurer. Australia continues to have a big influence in the pub, as can be seen from the familiar logo (the boxing kangaroo), the boomerangs and the numerous rugby photos from Down Under. "The Australian could be described as an international Rhinelander," Deurer sums it up.

"We've kept our Billa Bonn soul," says the managing director. "Our pub should be a place for exchanging experiences and opinions, where there is no religion or politics and where everyone is treated equally and fairly. He also emphasizes the fact that the Billa-Bonn is a "football-free zone".

There is room for 120 guests in three indoor areas, and 35 more in front of the establishment. No less than eight draught beers are on tap, e.g. Czech Staropramen, Irish Guinness Stout, Dutch Heineken or English Strongbow Cider (0.5l each and 4.20 euros each). Other specialities of the house are the Spanish fly (1.80 euros) and the "Mexican" - prepared in the Billa Bonn from tomato juice, schnapps, tomato paste, salt, sugar, pepper and balsamic vinegar (1.80 euros).

On Fridays and Saturdays there are various pizzas (basic price five euros) with 15 toppings (between 50 cents and a euro each) to choose from as well as various ciabattas, baguettes and pizza rolls. On Fridays there is also "Pitcher's Night" (a 1.5 liter jug of Pils or Kölsch for 9.90 euros each, the other beers for 10.90 euros) and on Saturdays all shots are available for 1.50 euros each.

Info: Billa-Bonn, Wolfstr. 6, 53111 Bonn-Altstadt, Tel. (0178) 20 94 707. Open daily from 7pm.

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