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#112live: 16 NRW cities join in: Bonn fire brigade participates in "Twitter Gewitter"

#112live: 16 NRW cities join in : Bonn fire brigade participates in "Twitter Gewitter"

Fire brigades all over NRW have announced the "Twitter Gewitter" campaign for next Monday. 41 professional fire brigades from 16 cities take part. The Bonn fire brigade also wants to take part.

Fire fighters from 16 cities in North Rhine-Westphalia want to take part in the first nationwide "Twitter Gewitter" of professional fire brigades. For twelve hours, reports of emergency operations are to be transmitted via the short news service under "#112live". 41 professional fire brigades will take part in the nationwide campaign on Monday between 8 am and 8 pm.

In NRW, Aachen, Bochum, Bonn, Bottrop, Dortmund, Duisburg, Düsseldorf, Essen, Gelsenkirchen, Cologne, Leverkusen, Mülheim, Oberhausen, Ratingen, Solingen and Wuppertal want to participate. The fire brigade in Berlin has been twittering for ten years and now has over 110,000 followers.

Next Monday (February 11) will be the tenth European Day of Emergency Call – the date numbers (11/2) match the emergency number 112. The Düsseldorf fire brigade, for example, wants to tweet live from the control centre on Hüttenstraße.

"With this so far unique country wide action we would like to show people outside, what kind of work and duties the fire-brigade women and fire-brigade men carry out here in Duesseldorf daily“, explained David von der Lieth, director of the Düsseldorf fire-brigade. With the hashtags #112live and the city address (i.e. #Düsseldorf112) the fire-brigades will be tweeting.

(Original text: dpa; Translation: Mareike Graepel)