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First test devices already installed: Bonn introduces digital payment system for buses and trams

First test devices already installed : Bonn introduces digital payment system for buses and trams

With the introduction of a new paperless ticket system for local public transportation, Bonn hopes to become a pioneer in Germany. The first reading devices have already been installed.

With "BONNsmart", Bonn wants to be the first city in Germany to introduce a paperless payment system on SWB Bus und Bahn (SWB Bus and Rail) in the near future. The advantage: customers will be able to check in and out without contact. The first digital readers have already been installed in buses and on trams in Bonn. It should soon be possible to hold a credit card to these readers, which can register the start and destination of the trip and determine the most economical price for the passenger. There are also plans later on for the digital devices to work with smartphones.

According to information provided to the GA on Thursday, this is a pilot project supported by federal funding. Partners are SWB Bus und Bahn, which is a subsidiary of the municipal utilities company Stadtwerke Bonn, Postbank, Scheidt & Bachmann GmbH, the Competence Center Digitization NRW and Visa. The project is to be presented soon.

Orig. text: Rajkumar Mukherjee

Translation: ck