Hollywood-worthy surprise in front of the big screen Bonn man proposes at the drive-in cinema

Bonn · Bonn man Diego Wollenschein surprised his girlfriend Samia El-kali with a marriage proposal at the drive-in cinema in Dottendorf on Saturday. The couple met in a pub in Pennenfeld.

 Big feelings: Diego Wollenschein (33) proposed to his lady of hearts Samia El-kali (22) on stage.

Big feelings: Diego Wollenschein (33) proposed to his lady of hearts Samia El-kali (22) on stage.

Foto: Niklas Schröder

It got all romantic on Saturday evening at the Dottendorf drive-in cinema. Diego Wollenschein (33) proposed to his girlfriend Samia El-kali (22) on stage. Family and friends were present and congratulated the couple.

El-kali had gone to the drive-in cinema with her friends. Under a pretext Wollenschein was brought backstage. A personal video message with pictures of the couple flickered across the big screen shortly before the film started. Meanwhile, family and friends gathered in the background. When the video ended, Wollenschein appeared on stage. While the visibly surprised woman climbed the steps to him, the friends and family gathered around the stage. Wollenschein got down on his knee before El-kali and asked for her hand. She immediately said "Yes", and it rained rose petals. "I'm shaking all over and I'm totally knocked out, it was really beautiful," El-kali said. And Wollenschein adds: "I'm very relieved that she said yes.“

The car mechanic and the trainee chef met for the first time in August 2017, remembers Tobias Truckenbrodt (23). "Diego was with friends in our local pub in Pennenfeld." At that time El-kali was helping out behind the bar. "There was a direct spark between the two of them and they exchanged numbers," says Truckenbrodt. A few meetings later, Wollenschein and El-kali started going out on August 15, 2017.

The relationship has lasted until today, also because of the right amount of „spice“, as Cara Junghänel (21) knows. "Stubborn meets temperament - that balances out very harmoniously," she thinks. That's why the Bonn woman agreed to help with the planning of the proposal, she says, "The preparations took two weeks.“ Now Junghänel is happy that everything has worked out. "My thanks also go to the Sound and Light team and also to Christopher Braun, who made all this possible," she says.

(Original text: Niklas Schröder / Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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