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„No Exit“ not to be missed : Bonn Players show Jean-Paul Sartre play in the Brotfabrik from Nov 9

„No Exit“ not to be missed : Bonn Players show Jean-Paul Sartre play in the Brotfabrik from Nov 9

Never has a year been as unusual for performing arts as the past one – so it’s understandable how excited the English-language theater group Bonn Players are about performing live on stage in front of an audience, and in their 40th year of existence. The play is no less exciting – Jean-Paul Sartre’s „No Exit“ should not be missed. Tickets are on sale now.

„No Exit“, the play by Jean-Paul Sartre, adapted into English from the French by Paul Bowles, finds three recently deceased strangers locked together in a living room in Hell. Each one’s life has ended prematurely and in somewhat dramatic circumstances. As they pass the time waiting for the expected torture to begin, they slowly come to realize that not all is as it appears to be.

In the absence of society's pressures and constraints, the characters are forced to conclude that the things upon which they had based their entire lives no longer hold any importance in death. For the characters of „No Exit“, these realizations come too late.

Today's audiences can quite likely relate to many of the central themes and questions of this play through the experience of having been in lock-down due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The most obvious parallel is that of being locked in a room without the possibility of leaving. The characters experience the passage of time in Hell differently than on Earth – and who among us didn't lose track of the days at some point during that time? Whilst trying hard to exercise “social distancing” we may well have agreed with Sartre’s famous line in the play: “Hell is just other people.”

Many of us began to question some fundamental assumptions upon which our society and economy are based, and to re-think our priorities. The question for us, as we approach a return to normality, is: will we take the opportunities presented to us now to make changes to our lives on a personal and societal level? Or will we let ourselves fall back into the same old traps?

This production is directed by Nikesh Trecarten. There is a cast of four: Michael Odebrecht, Carlo Borreo, Munira Abbas and Lisa Pohlers. For all four this is the first time they have acted with the Bonn Players.

Celebrating their 40th anniversary this year, the Bonn Players are pleased and proud to finally perform again in front of a live audience in the Brotfabrik (Kreuzstr. 16, Bonn-Beuel), from November 9 until November 13, 2021. Performances start at 7.30 pm from Tuesday to Friday and at 6pm on Saturday.

Tickets are available online at: www.bonnticket.de

Original text: ga Translation: Mareike Graepel