Easing of corona restrictions Bonn playgrounds are open again

Bonn · Playgrounds opened up again on Thursday all across Bonn. Although the number of visitors was rather limited in the first hours of the re-openings, many parents felt a great sense of relief.

 The playground at Waldau is open once again.

The playground at Waldau is open once again.

Foto: Stefan Hermes

Despite the summer-like weather, there was not a big onslaught of visitors to the playgrounds when they re-opened on Thursday, as had been feared. "I thought there would be so much going on here”, Frederike Gerhards also thought, even though she and her four-year-old twins Jana and Felix set off from Endenich to Waldau by bus.

City authorities began on Wednesday already to dismantle the cordoning off of the approximate 300 children's playgrounds in Bonn. Signs were also put up to remind people that they need to maintain a minimum distance of 1.50 meters from others. Lord Mayor Ashok Sridharan said he was glad to be able to give children the opportunity to play outside again.

But he also reminded the public that it is still necessary to stem the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. "This can only be done if we show consideration for each other." It was evident at many playgrounds that this appeal had reached a lot of parents. "I am especially happy for my children to be able to see other children again," said Gerhards. Because that is what had been missing most in the past weeks.

(Orig. text: Stefan Hermes / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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