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Searches in Tannenbusch and Alfter: Bonn police arrest suspect in drug raid

Searches in Tannenbusch and Alfter : Bonn police arrest suspect in drug raid

Numerous flats were searched in Tannenbusch and Alfter on Tuesday morning. The police are taking action against drug trafficking. There were also isolated raids in other towns in the region. There was at least one arrest.

The Bonn police Tuesday morning were on a large-scale raid against drug trafficking. Numerous flats in Tannenbusch and Alfter were searched. There were also searches in Meckenheim and Königswinter. The police operation is still ongoing.

Police spokesman Simon Rott announced that morning that civilian investigators and hundreds of police officers in Bonn and Cologne as well as drug detection dogs were deployed. A total of 15 premises were searched simultaneously since 6 am. The main focus of the operation is on seven flats in Tannenbusch and four residential properties in Alfter.

According to GA information on site, the police in Tannenbusch arrested at least one suspect. Prior to this the police searched the man's flat in Schneidemühler Straße. The basement of the house and the suspect's vehicle were also searched. According to this report, there was a radio and two child seats in the car.

In another flat, the police seized evidence. Rott initially did not provide any further details about the incident nor about further arrests or seizures.

Original text: Andreas Dyck

Translation: Mareike Graepelsts