Residents complain of disturbance of the peace Bonn police asks more than 50 people to move from the banks of the Rhine

Cologne/Bonn · More than 50 people had to be moved on from party spots on just one weekend: Police operations are becoming more frequent on Brassertufer. The troublemakers provoke and obstruct the police. In Cologne, however, the public order office had to close down several parties.

 Several police operations took place on the Brassertufer in Bonn over the weekend. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

Several police operations took place on the Brassertufer in Bonn over the weekend. Photo: Benjamin Westhoff

Foto: Benjamin Westhoff

Among the residents of Bonn's Rhine promenade, the mood isn’t exactly cheery: Once again, a weekend lies behind them, which was marked by disturbances of the peace at night, by riots and police operations. Some residents are already thinking of moving away. And the latest development also gives the police reason to deal with the banks of the Rhine even more intensively than before: they report that their work is being deliberately obstructed by disturbers.

Night-time noise, dirt, faeces and petty crime: all this is nothing new for the residents of the promenade between Schänzchen and the second ferry lane. However, the recent midsummer night will remain in their memories for a while, citizens told the General-Anzeiger newspaper.

Both on Saturday and Sunday night, the Bonn police were called to keep order on the Rhine. "We issued more than 50 traffic warnings, after which things became quieter each time," said police spokesman Robert Scholten. However, several people had to be taken into custody. The police took action in the promenade sections both north and south of the Kennedy Bridge. Residents living near the Ernst-Moritz-Arndt House also reported sleepless nights.

Police work made more difficult

According to Scholten, the police are confronted with an increasing form of disrespect - even during weekend operations. The method: A troublemaker is approached and controlled by the police, and in the meantime an uninvolved person incites renunciation and resistance against the officers, where sentences like: "You don't have to take orders from the one with the two stars.“

Police spokesman Scholten explains: "These disturbances make it even harder for our officers." A 23 year old who behaved in this manner was taken into custody by the police on Saturday night, as well as another who exhibited a similar behaviour pattern 24 hours later. A 33-year-old and a 30-year-old also were brought to the police station. One of them did not want to comply with the order to leave, the other was suspected of having become violent. As things stand, the police are preparing for regular visits to the Rhine, especially as summer is just beginning. The focus is on the area, they say. The extent to which the problem is tying up forces is documented by Friday overnight when, according to the General-Anzeiger, five patrol cars were deployed on the Brassertufer alone.

The clientele that residents and law enforcement officers on the promenade are dealing with are unanimously described by residents and authorities as young men, predominantly with a migration background. Many came from outside the city. But also offspring from the educated middle classes in Bonn contribute to the sleepless nights. "Bluetooth speakers, bong and alcohol," is how one resident sketches the basic equipment of the night party scene. The fact that there are no toilets has the corresponding consequences.

Because there are always arguments, the neighbourhood's sense of security is gone, reports a resident of Schaumburg-Lippe-Strasse: "Many neighbours, especially the women, avoid the promenade from dusk onwards," he says. He and his family were seriously considering moving to Alfter.

Public order office dissolves several parties in Cologne

According to the city of Cologne, several large parties were disbanded by the security services in the cathedral city at the weekend. However, on Friday and Saturday, the City of Cologne's public order service found several violations of the Corona Protection Ordinance and had therefore initiated several proceedings.

On Friday, around 300 people celebrated in Cologne's Beethoven Park at about 11 pm, according to the city's security service. Then it became quiet. The officers ordered the music to be turned off. At about 0.40 am there was a riot in the area. About 150 people remained. Some spat on the official car of the public order office and poured alcohol over it.

Technoparty under the motorway bridge

Shortly afterwards, the party happened in the Stadtgarten. About 350 to 400 people were there - even the outside catering was still open - until the security service closed it.

At Zülpicher Wall/Uni-Mensa the security service met around 400 people at 23:00 and cleared the area one hour later.

Also on Saturday evening the party was again held in the streets. In Schaafenstraße, around 450 people stood in front of the restaurants and on the street - until the police and the security service first cleared the street and later also the sidewalks.

In the Merheimer Heide about 250 techno fans celebrated under a motorway bridge. Some of them showed no understanding of the Corona requirements and insulted the employees of the public order office. The public order service broke up the party.

(Original text: Rüdiger Franz and Anja Wollschlaeger. Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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