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Several thefts in the region: Bonn police deal successful blow to car thieves

Several thefts in the region : Bonn police deal successful blow to car thieves

Bonn police have dealt a large blow to a suspected band of car thieves. The perpetrators have apparently stolen numerous cars the region in recent months.

After months of investigations, Bonn police have now arrested a group of suspected car thieves. The three men, aged 33, 35 and 58, are believed to have stolen numerous cars in Bonn, the Rhine-Sieg district, the Rhine-Erft district and northern Rhineland-Palatinate in recent months. The trio was arrested in Bad Godesberg early last Thursday morning.

Police said on Tuesday that the three men were followed by plain-clothes officers early on Thursday morning and watched as they stole two cars in Neuwied and Burgbrohl. They then parked these in Cologne and Meckenheim and drove to Bonn in their own car. The men’s vehicle was stopped by several patrol cars on Koblenzer Straße in Bad Godesberg and the trio arrested.

In the meantime, police have also been able to secure a car stolen on 21 February in Sankt Augustin at a car park in Bonn-Vilich. Investigations have also revealed that a car found in Kassel had apparently been stolen by the suspects in Brühl. Investigations into other car thefts are continuing. It is currently still unclear how large the trio’s area of operation was.

After the arrest, police searched the 58-year-old’s car and apartment in Rolandswerth. Officers found large quantities of possible tools to commit the cirmes, electronic equipment to bypass immobilisers as well as 211 grammes of crystal meth and 400 grammes of marijuana.

The judge issued an arrest warrant against the trio as none of the three has a fixed address in Germany. They are currently in custody. The drugs find means separate proceedings are being commenced for suspected drug dealing.

(Original text: Sebastian Fink. Translation: kc)