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Gunshot wound during training exercise: Bonn police devastated over death of their colleague

Gunshot wound during training exercise : Bonn police devastated over death of their colleague

The 23-year-old police officer who was seriously injured from a gunshot fired by a fellow officer, has died. The incident occurred on November 26 at Bonn police headquarters.

The 23-year-old policeman, who was shot in the neck by a 22-year-old colleague at the Bonn police headquarters, is dead. According to Cologne police, the officer died from his injuries on Monday evening. They are leading the investigation into his death for reasons of neutrality. The Bonn public prosecutor’s office has begun proceedings against the 22-year-old officer who fired the shot. Police spokesman Sebastian Buß said on Tuesday that he is being investigated on suspicion of negligent homicide.

Bonn law enforcement colleagues were deeply dismayed at the death of the young police trainee. He had been working at the Duisdorf police station for 4 years and was most recently assigned to police special forces. "We are deeply shocked," said Police Chief Ursula Brohl-Sowa, who was visibly shaken. "Our thoughts are with his family, we mourn with them. His relatives and colleagues are receiving all the help and care they need.” She expressed devastation that a young person’s life was so abruptly taken away, and she said everyone was aware how much the family was suffering. “One can’t get it out of the head. It is dominating our thoughts.”

Exact circumstances remain unclear

At the moment, the focus is on taking care of the fellow police officers, their mental and physical well-being. Stefan Heinz, head of the special police forces explains that there are many young officers in police training who have formed deep bonds during their training time, making the shock all the greater. Those who are affected could be replaced for the time being with officers from other departments.

As reported, the victim and the 22-year-old officer who fired the shot, along with two other colleagues, were on their way from the changing room to the firing range on November 26 during a training exercise. According to police, they had both their service weapons and identical dummies, so-called red weapons, with them when the shot was fired. The exact circumstances are still unclear, although the two colleagues have now been heard as witnesses. The officer who fired the shot has remained silent. He has called in a lawyer and is exercising his right not to testify.

According to a police spokesman, the 22-year-old is still on sick leave and disciplinary consequences have yet to be determined. “One has to wait for the investigation to take place.” A room of mourning has been set up at the police headquarters and a book of condolences is available at the Ramersdorf police station.

(Orig. text: Ayla Jacob, Rita Klein, Translation: Carol Kloeppel)