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City House infestation: Bonn politicians discuss „job offer“ for cat to hunt mice

City House infestation : Bonn politicians discuss „job offer“ for cat to hunt mice

To combat the plague of mice in the City House, Bonn politicians are discussing the purchase of an "official cat". The city administration has a clear opinion on the topic.

In order to combat a mouse plague in the town house, the purchase of an "official cat" is being discussed in Bonn. A small council faction(fraction) has made a corresponding request and argues that the use of cats to hunt mice has been "practiced for several thousand years".

In addition, in London cat „Larry“ is successfully doing his job in the official residence of Prime Minister Theresa May as the top mouse hunter of the British cabinet. The parliamentary group "Die Sozialliberalen" therefore demands that such a cat also be purchased for the Bonn City House, which is plagued by mice. But presumably no "Supreme Mice Hunter of the City of Bonn" will scurry through the corridors of the town house on his paws in the future.

The administration recommends to reject the application of the social liberals. "Open-plan offices or similar rooms are not a suitable hunting ground for cats," says the administration's statement. For safety reasons alone, the purchase of an official cat is not possible. Fire protection doors with cat flap probably do not correspond to the regulations. Also the scenario to find a dead mouse on the desk chair at the beginning of the work day is probably repugnant to the employees.

According to the administration, the city of Bonn already has experience with official cats. In the apartment of the municipal caretaker cat Paul once "successfully performed his service". In 2016 he was on his last hunt, it says in the statement. A successor was then renounced. On Thursday, however, the main committee will discuss the proposal. Original text: Nathalie Dreschke