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Emergency mode due to Corona: Bonn's courts resume work

Emergency mode due to Corona : Bonn's courts resume work

The courts are slowly getting back to normality. In the past few weeks, they have only been running on emergency mode due to the Corona crisis.

Even in the times of Corona, no accused person had to fear spending more time than allowed in remand. Nevertheless, in the Bonn courts, as everywhere else in the country, an emergency operation had been set up in recent weeks. "In line with the cautious easing of the restrictions to public life in other areas, the courts of the Cologne Higher Regional Court district are also gradually moving towards a new normality," a press release by the Cologne Higher Regional Court, which also has jurisdiction over the Bonn District and Regional Court, now states.

With "a sense of proportion", operations are now to be ramped up again, and beyond the urgent business, the court hearings will gradually be resumed. In particular, sufficient distance between the parties will be ensured in the courtrooms. In addition, appointments are to be straightened out and the opening hours extended in some cases. This may mean that soon there will also be hearings in the evening or on Saturdays. For example, in inheritance matters or when people want to leave the church (that is a legal thing in Germany), those concerned should still make appointments in advance by telephone or e-mail. Spectators at public court hearings may continue to enter the court buildings without restriction. It is advisable to wear a face mask.

Original text: Leif Kubik

Translation: Mareike Graepel