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Confusion about hygiene rules: Bonn schools prepare for school start

Confusion about hygiene rules : Bonn schools prepare for school start

At the moment there is still uncertainty about how the hygiene regulations are to be put into practice in Bonn schools. The schools therefore consider a lead time to be necessary.

The heads of the Bonn schools were also eagerly awaiting news from Berlin on Wednesday. After the Chancellor has conferred with the head of the federal states, the schools are not to reopen until May 4, and then only the final classes will be taught. When all pupils will be able to go back to school is still to be decided.

"As teachers, we are very uncertain how things will continue," Rolf Haßelkus told the GA. He is chairman of the trade union for education and science of the Bonn city association and teaches at the Realschule Hardtberg. The NRW Ministry of Education had asked the school which teachers belonged to the risk group due to age or illness. For the time being, they are not to be scheduled, Haßelkus said. "This would mean a quarter of the teachers at our school would be eliminated."

Uncertainty about compliance with hygiene regulations

How the hygiene regulations are to be adhered to is also not yet clear. "This will be organised by the municipality", said Hasselkus. He doubts, however, that it can be set up within three days. And there are still many questions unanswered. "Do we teachers and students have to wear masks? What about the students when they have to go to another class after the gong or walk through the narrow corridors? "How can we maintain a minimum distance?" He is currently waiting for the order from the ministry. "But we need at least a week's notice to maintain hygiene standards."

Criticism is also coming from the Bonn city school staff. "One thing should be clear: With today's class sizes and the shortage of space, the sentence 'Then the pupils have to keep a distance of 1.5 m' is at best a sign of ignorance", says chairman Andreas Beutgen. In the cleaning situation, for example of school toilets or classrooms, additional hygiene measures are hardly conceivable. Mandatory masks and minimum distance - all these are measures that are only conceivable for a small number of schools or classes.

Masks and disinfectants are missing

Daniela Römmler, head of the Gertrud-Bäumer-Realschule in Godesberg, felt like the rabbit in front of a snake during the last days. "We were all waiting for NRW leader Laschet to say something", said the headmistress. On Friday she wants to meet with the caretakers to determine where there might be entrances and exits. Even more urgent for her is the question of medical mouth and nose protection and disinfectants. "This is not provided for in the country's hygiene standards, and where should it come from," she asks herself.

In addition, she cannot determine whether surfaces have been thoroughly cleaned. "I will recommend to my colleague in the staff meeting via Internet cloud to sew protection," Römmler said. This should be worn for a maximum of one school hour and then replaced.

City of Bonn unclear

The city of Bonn was rather evasive when asked whether the cleaning staff at the schools had been increased: "School authorities are generally requested to prepare the school buildings for reopening", according to the answer from the press office. The schools had been cleaned - as was usual during the holidays. "Incidentally, according to hygiene experts, sufficient time has passed since the schools were closed, so that no special cleaning measures are necessary," the city announced.

Original text: Silke Elbern and Thomas Leurs

Translation: Mareike Graepel