39.1C / 102.4F Bonn sets new heat record for 2018

Bonn · On Tuesday, Bonn set a new heat record for the year. 39.1 degrees Celsius (102.4F) was recorded. That is the second highest temperature recorded in Bonn since records have been kept, beginning in 1895.

At 4:15pm on Tuesday afternoon, the weather station from the university, located in Endenich - showed a new Bonn heat record for 2018. The previous record stood at 37.8 degrees Celsius and was recorded on July 26. The 39.1C / 102.4F measured on Tuesday was the second highest temperature recorded in Bonn since weather records have been kept, starting in 1895. The only day that was hotter was August 12 of 2003 when it reached 39.2 degrees Celsius, only slightly higher than Tuesday’s temperature.

Also record-breaking is the number of summer days with a temperature of 25C or more. There have been 27 such days in a row since July 12. And the nights have not exactly provided a big cooling effect. Seven of the nights were so-called “tropical” nights when the temperatures did not dip below 20 degrees Celsius.

Bonn will experience some cooling off on Wednesday. The temperatures are then expected to reach a maximum of 32C, with a 70 percent chance of precipitation, according to meteorologists. On Thursday, the weather is expected to be cloudy and variable.

(Orig. text: ga.de / Translation: ck)

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