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Local public transport: Bonn transportation authorities ask passengers to wear face masks

Local public transport : Bonn transportation authorities ask passengers to wear face masks

The public transportation timetable in Bonn will go back to normal on Thursday. Stadtwerke Bonn, which operates Bonn public transport, is stressing that passengers should be wearing face masks on board.

They are still the exception in the cityscape: But face masks should definitely be worn on buses, trams and trains - especially when the normal timetable goes into effect again on Thursday. Stadtwerke Bonn (SWB), the local transportation authority, is emphasizing this point for all passengers.

Especially during peak morning hours, it is hardly possible to keep a distance of 1.5 meters from other persons onboard, stresses Anja Wenmakers, the managing director of SWB Bus and Rail. That’s why it is important to wear mouth-and-nose protection in order to keep others and oneself safe. SWB is also striving to ease the rush hour traffic. "Our request is: Go sooner or later, if possible", said Wenmakers. The transport company will keep an eye on the level of passengers on the different lines: "Where additional trips are needed, we will act as specifically and flexibly as possible.” (Orig. text: bau / Translation: ck)