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New location at university’s Nassestraße canteen: Bonn University Hospital urgently seeking blood donors

New location at university’s Nassestraße canteen : Bonn University Hospital urgently seeking blood donors

Four out of five people in the region need blood at least once in their lives. However, currently there are not enough donors.

Blood reserves are urgently needed in Bonn and the region. “Four out of five people in the region need blood at least once in their lives,” explains the blood donation service at University Hospital Bonn. At the hospital alone, 28,000 donations per year are needed. In the current year, however, experts have so far only received around 7500.

To increase the number, the blood donation service is now offering a new service directly in the city centre. Since last week, there has been a regular blood donation service at the university canteen at 11 Nassestraße each Thursday between 11am and 2pm. The Studierendenwerk Bonn provides a room for this free of charge.

“Blood donations are literally vital for survival,” says Jürgen Huber, managing director of the Studierendenwerk. He is pleased, “that through this cooperation we can help the University Hospital Bonn get closer to the large group of students.”

Professor Johannes Oldenburg, director of the Institute for Experimental Haematology and Transfusion Medicine, is also happy. “We are delighted that in future we will also have the opportunity to make blood donations in Bonn city centre and express our sincere thanks to the Studierendenwerk Bonn for the good cooperation that has enabled this joint project to be realised.”

The blood donation service wants to use this regular cooperation in future to offer a further, central location for donating in addition to the location in Building 43 on the Venusberg Campus 1.

As well as an expense allowance, after donating, students and Bonn citizens will also receive a refreshment voucher worth 3 Euros to redeem either in the canteen itself or in the “cafeleven” located there.

Blood donations will remain possible at Venusberg at the usual times (Mon 7.30am-noon, Tue-Thu 10am to 6pm, Fri 7.30 to 11 am). Please note: for safety reasons, those who have travelled or will travel to a country affected by West Nile virus since 1 June and until 30 November are unable to donate for four weeks from the time of their stay. Further information is available by calling 0228 287 15174 during normal donation hours.

Regular blood donation hours: each Thursday, 11am to 2pm, Mensa Nassestraße 11, Bonn.

(Original text: Wolfgang Pichler. Translation: kc)