Nanterre 92 vs. Telekom Baskets Bonn wins semi-final thriller

Bonn · The Telekom Baskets Bonn won the semi-final first leg of the Fiba Europe Cup in a tight game against the French team, Nanterre 92. With a final score of 77-76, it was a real thriller.

“We have to play 40 minutes at our absolute limit to get a good starting position for the return leg of the match,” said Baskets head coach Predrag Krunic before the first leg of the semi-final in the Fiba Europe Cup at Nanterre 92.

Krunic was right. The fact that Julian Gamble and Josh Mayo were able to follow those marching orders was worth its weight in gold: Together, the big Center and the spunky playmaker provided for 45 of the 77 points. Gamble was convincing with a hugely energetic performance under the basket of the hard-hitting French defense.

Bonn scored 50 points from the zone. It was Gamble, too, who kept the Baskets afloat in one of the shakier phases. Mayo then took over with his spectacular Buzzer Beater at the half-time and made some big points in the third quarter.

In the final quarter, the Baskets proved they had the nerve to stick with it and come out on the winning end. Nanterre tried everything to turn it around and prevent their defeat, but they were powerless against the highly concentrated Baskets.

The return leg will be played on April 5 in Bonn. will be reporting live from the Telekom Dome. On Sunday afternoon, however, the Baskets will first play against the FRAPORT SKYLINERS for the playoffs in the league.

Orig. text: Sebastian Meltz

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