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Appearance on ZDF: Bonn woman to appear in Rosamunde Pilcher screen adaptation

Appearance on ZDF : Bonn woman to appear in Rosamunde Pilcher screen adaptation

Liza Tzschirner is appearing in a Rosamunde Pilcher screen adaptation. She also appeared in “Storm of Love”. Otherwise, the 32-year-old serves coffee in Friedrichstraße.

Lisa Tzschirner’s television career began about six years ago with a leading role in the daily ARD television series “Storm of Love”. “That was the jackpot right after my acting studies,” recalls the 32-year-old. For fifteen months she lived through the highs and lows of (love) life as pastry chef Pauline.

On Sunday 15 September, Liza Tzschirner will appear in the ZDF series “Herzkino” as pub owner Jill in the Rosamunde Pilcher screen adaptation “Out in the Storm”. In the fairytale landscape of Cornwall at the side of Hugh (Thomas Limpinsel), who is twenty years older, she makes her film partner’s happiness at late fatherhood possible through trickery.

Today still a barista in Friedrichstraße in Bonn

However, the film successes have not gone to her head. Today, you can still come across her as a barista in Kessels Café in Friedrichstraße. “I have a strong need for security,” she says, explaining her part-time job. People often misjudge the life situation of TV actors. Despite her leading role in “Storm of Love” there was also a year afterwards when she barely had 4500 Euros of taxable income - another reason why she is happy to froth milk for cappuccinos when not filming.

As a child and later as a teenager, Tzschirner did a lot of writing, including plays that she performed for family and friends in her living room at home. However, it was during plays in her literature course at St Adelheid grammar school that she first discovered she had developed a serious talent for acting.

Even before she took her final school exams, she began helping at the Bonner Theatre. She postponed her applications for auditions at ten acting schools for around two years after leaving school. The fear of rejection was too great. Today she modestly describes the fact that it actually happened and she was finally “only” able to convince the Mozarteum in Salzburg of her art as a great stroke of luck.

Recommended for “Storm of Love”

She was discovered by agent Sonja Vogel at one of the usual auditions by acting students for directors and agencies, who immediately took her under her wing and recommended her to the makers of “Storm of Love”.

She can also well imagine giving speech lessons and preparatory courses for TV castings in the near future. “But first I would like to gain a bit more experience.”

She does not want to watch herself live in “Out in the Storm” (Sunday 15 September, ZDF, 8.15pm). “I’ll probably first watch in on my own on catch-up TV,” she says and laughs.

(Original text: Stefan Hermes. Translation: kc)