Rummage sales throughout the city Bonn yard sales open on June 26

Bonn · On June 26, people will once again be opening their front yards and garages for the Bonn yard sales - which will take place throughout the city. The organizer hopes for many sellers to register.

 People sell used clothing, household goods and more in front of their homes for the Bonn “Hofflohmärkte”.

People sell used clothing, household goods and more in front of their homes for the Bonn “Hofflohmärkte”.

Foto: Sebastian Flick

It's that time again: On Sunday, June 26, the Bonn “Hofflohmärkte” (Bonn yard sales) will take place in the front yards, courtyards and garages of many residents throughout the city. For private households, this is an opportunity to get rid of old things no longer used, homemade artwork or clothing - without leaving home. "It's a way for people who don't have a car or are otherwise immobile to sell things," says organizer Vanesa Muhic. "And it's meant to bring the neighborhood together. To some extent, it already has the feeling of a neighborhood festival."

Anyone who wants to participate can register their booth at As of this year, Muhic is collecting a five-euro fee for those who want to sell. On a virtual map at, Muhic shows in advance all the stands for which an application has been received. So far there are around 20, "but there are more every day," says Muhic.

Yard sales in Bonn: cross-section of typical flea market goods

Muhic, who is based in Bonn, also organized the yard flea markets in the Beuel district from 2016 to 2018. "In 2018, we had 117 stalls," Muhic tells us. Since last year, the flea markets have taken place throughout Bonn - the last one was in April for spring. In the fall, the yard sales are to take place this year again for the third time. "In April, the cold weather threw a wrench in my plans," Muhic recalls. "Only" 44 stalls were there in the end; "I'm not going to let that stand this time," she says. She hopes for a triple-digit number of participating families, neighbors and artists, weather permitting.

As in the past, a "good cross-section" of typical flea market goods is expected to be on offer: Mainly children's and adult clothing, handicrafts, but also home-baked cakes have been registered by the stand operators so far. "As in previous years, most registrations will come in during the few days before the registration deadline," says Muhic with confidence.

Information: The yard sales are always scheduled from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., but that is at the discretion of the stall operators. The registration deadline is 6 p.m. on June 25. The booth fee must be paid and received by then by advance bank transfer (Paypal is not possible). Further information is available at

Orig. text: Johanna Lübke

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