Busy green spaces Bonners drawn outdoors on Mother's Day

Bonn · Many people in Bonn visited the banks of the river Rhine and the parks in summer temperatures on Sunday. Ice cream and beverage vendors were pleased with the high demand, whilst law enforcement officers reported a quiet day.

 Rest on the Rhine: Cyclists and walkers taking a short break at the Bonner Bogen. They were able to enjoy the view in the sunshine on Sunday.

Rest on the Rhine: Cyclists and walkers taking a short break at the Bonner Bogen. They were able to enjoy the view in the sunshine on Sunday.

Foto: Niklas Schröder

Summer temperatures attracted many Bonn residents to both sides of the Rhine and to the city’s green spaces on Mother's Day. The municipal public order service and the Bonn police reported positive results on Sunday afternoon. Law enforcement officers had to report some people for violating the contact ban and other offences. However, the city authorities reported that the weekend was generally calm.

A lot of cyclists, joggers and walkers were out and about on the banks of the Rhine and in the Rheinaue park. For the most part, the minimum social distances were maintained. At the beach in Beuel, with temperatures over 25 degrees, some Bonners could be seen in their swimming costumes. Others sat on Mother's Day with their loved ones on picnic blankets and folding chairs that they had brought along.

Richard Gerhards (64) and his son Cedric Riquier (21) had set out from Cologne in the morning for a bike ride along the Rhine. “Bonn is like Cologne - only in beautiful,” Gerhads said as he sat on the grass with his son, enjoying the panoramic view of the banks of the Rhine in Bonn. The tour to the Beethoven city has become “their ritual”, Riquier told us. “We cycle the route regularly on Sundays.”

Simone (28) and Veronika (26) had found a particularly beautiful spot among the endless daisies. The two women had spread out their blue picnic blanket on the banks of the Rhine in Beuel and were playing cards. “We want to enjoy the nice weather on our day off,” Simone said. Otherwise they only know the spot from their jogging route, Veronika added. “Today we're going to relax here.” Later, the women wanted to buy an ice cream.

Under the Corona Protection Ordinance, restaurants and bars must remain closed at present. But the takeaway business is booming. A wide range of different food stalls could be found throughout the city on Sunday. Asraoui Aziz (39) had set up his drinks van "Mister Coffee" on the banks of the Rhine. Every week the Bonn resident offers a variety of coffees and cold drinks here at the point level with the Römerstraße. Today he had more drinks than usual in stock because of the nice weather, the trader said. “I'm expecting a lot of customers,” Aziz added, while Sven Coenen (42) ordered a cappuccino from him. "It is very convenient to have the option to buy a coffee anywhere,” said the walker. After all, people really like to get out into the fresh air again, he said.

The owners of the ice cream van "Granatella Eis" had also prepared for a rush of customers at the Haribo ship. "This is the first warm day in a long time," manager Fabio Granatella (23) said happily. This year, vegan ice cream varieties are particularly in vogue. "Fruit varieties like mango and raspberry." They did really well, Granatella reported. But classic ice cream sundaes like the Spaghetti-Eis are also popular, he said.

Not far from the Haribo ship, many families were sat on their picnic blankets, enjoying a a barbecue or lazing in the sun. The Bonner Bogen was crowded. Here, many walkers were using the seating areas in front of the Kameha, enjoying a drink and eating pizza in the sun. In the Rheinaue park, visitors stood in long queues to buy an ice cream. In the Hofgarten, the sea of blankets and beach towels was divided up so that social distancing could be maintained. The Frankenbadplatz, on the other hand, was relatively uncrowded in the afternoon. Things were also quiet in the allotment gardens at the Sommerbadsiedlung.

An elderly couple from Bonn, who preferred not to be named, had invited their granddaughters to their allotment garden. "It's the first beautiful day of the year and the garden is just blooming," the 70-year-old woman told us. Meanwhile, her husband stood at the barbecue. Granddaughters Emilie (8) and Melanie (8) had already helped with the morning vegetable harvest. "I think the garden is so beautiful, you can chase butterflies here and see so many pretty flowers," said Emilie - and Melanie was excited about the fresh vegetables and the strawberries that will soon be ripe.

(Original text: Niklas Schröder, Translation: Caroline Kusch)

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