Kulturgarten 2021 BonnLive announces more outdoor concerts and events

Bonn · The Bonn Kulturgarten 2021 starts up again in mid-June, but in a different location. According to the organizers, more than 10,000 tickets have already been sold. In addition to performances by musicians and comedians, the European Football Championship will also be broadcast.

 The Kulturgarten with outdoor concerts and events will take place once again in 2021 - this time at the Römerbad.

The Kulturgarten with outdoor concerts and events will take place once again in 2021 - this time at the Römerbad.

Foto: Ingo Firley

Despite the pandemic, 46,000 visitors attended concerts, theater and cabaret events in Bonn's Rheinaue last year, organized by brothers Julian and Simon Reininger and Sandro Heinemann. Now things are picking up again and the organizers want to revive the Kulturgarten, making it bigger and more diverse than ever. Among the best-known names that will come to Bonn starting on June 15 are Kasalla, Revolverheld, Brings, Carolin Kebekus and Paul Panzer, but other musicians and comedians have also confirmed their participation as well. Last Monday, the organizers revealed the first details at a press conference - and announced the new location of the Kulturgarten.

Due to requirements imposed by the monument protection authorities, the area of the Rheinaue known as the “Grosse Blumenwiese” was not available this year. "Last year, the higher monument protection authorities in Cologne made an exception, allowing us to operate a stage there, but normally no permanent structures are permitted in the area," explains Sandro Heinemann from RheinEvents. "That's why we went looking for alternatives with the city of Bonn at an early stage and ultimately agreed on the area next to the Römerbad.”

Room for up to 3,200 visitors

We are very happy that the Sports and Swimming Authorities have made this area available to us for the three months. "There should be room for up to 3,200 people there, which is 800 more than in 2020. Of course, we will always follow the corona restrictions that apply," emphasizes Julian Reininger, who runs the “fünfdrei” event agency with his brother. "We want to offer lounge chairs, beer benches and a lawn with designated plots for sunbathing again, because this worked well last year. What is relevant, however, is how many people are permitted to gather in one spot. The size of the plots is based on that.”

The plots are separated from each other by a 1.5-meter-wide quarantine strip. "In principle, we are sticking to our hygiene concept," says Reininger, "but we will adapt it if necessary. For example, it may well be that a visit to the Kulturgarten will only be possible with a daily negative rapid test, which we will also do on location if necessary. We hope, however, that given the progress of the vaccinations, this rule will be dropped in the course of the summer.”

Kick-off event for the European Football Championship

Reiningers and Heinemann have no shortage of experience with events in these pandemic times. For the past 13 months, they have organized streaming and car concerts, provided an audience for the Telekom Baskets and delighted carnival fans in the region with carnival concerts. Heinemann also runs several Covid-19 testing centers. Nevertheless, the 2021 Kulturgarten is a special challenge. After all, it could once again become Germany's biggest entertainment event series - provided the incidence figures in the city don't throw a wrench in the organizers' plans. "For now, we're assuming that everything will work out," Reininger said. They are choosing to remain optimistic.

But the opening event of the Kulturgarten will not be performed by a comedian or a band, instead it will feature the German national team. "That's the day we play France in the 2021 European Football Championship," Heinemann emphasizes. "We will definitely offer all games with the German team for public viewing." As it stands right now, Mia Julia will be the opening act on June 19, but that could still change: "We're still waiting for some feedback and will probably be able to announce a second wave of artists in the course of the coming week," says Reininger. "Maybe a third one will come, too." For sure, the Junge Theater Bonn will be a constant with weekly performances and the premiere of "Pippi Longstocking in Taka-Tuka-Land." Advance sales begin next Wednesday at 10 a.m.

More information about upcoming events can be found at: www.bonnlive.com

(Orig. text: Thomas Kölsch / Translation: Carol Kloeppel)

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