Spargel Ritter insolvency Bornheim harvesters march to consulate in Bonn

Bonn/Bornheim · About 80 participants demonstrated on Tuesday in the city centre of Bonn for the needs of harvest workers at Spargel Ritter. From the office of the insolvency administrator in Oxfordstraße, the protest march moved to the Romanian consulate.

 Participants of a demonstration in the city centre of Bonn voiced the needs of harvest workers.

Participants of a demonstration in the city centre of Bonn voiced the needs of harvest workers.

Foto: Peter Kölschbach

Following the protests in Bornheim, demonstrators marched through downtown Bonn on Tuesday morning to defend the interests of harvest workers at Spargel Ritter. They had previously complained about loss of wages and poor housing. As the police press office confirmed, the Free Workers Union (FAU) had registered the demonstration.

The starting point of the march was at 9.30 am on Poststraße. From there it continued through Bonngasse in the direction of Oxfordstraße. There, insolvency administrator Andreas Schulte-Beckhausen has his office. According to the police, initially about 30 people took part in the march.

In the afternoon, 50 to 60 harvest workers from Bornheim joined them. The demonstrators moved across Bertha-von-Suttner-Platz towards the Romanian consulate on Legionsweg at 2 pm. The Consul General let ten demonstrators onto the embassy grounds to listen to the concerns of the harvest workers.

In Bornheim, harvest workers and union members had already demonstrated on Monday and Friday against the working conditions at Spargel Ritter.

The current report by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution of the state of Lower Saxony counts individual local groups of the FAU as anarchist groups. Until 2013, the FAU trade union was also listed in constitutional protection reports of other states, in the area of left-wing extremism and under the designation "traditional anarchists".

(Original text: Anja Wollschlaeger and Sven Westbrock, Translation: Mareike Graepel)

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