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Construction sites in Bonn: Building site on Reuterstrasse to remain until March 2022

Construction sites in Bonn : Building site on Reuterstrasse to remain until March 2022

The second phase of work on Reuterstraße has begun. This will lead to further traffic obstructions and detours until next spring.

The Civil Engineering Office has started the second construction phase for sewer rehabilitation on Reuterstraße. "This involves the renewal of the main sewers, including all the gullies between Schumannstraße and Bonner Talweg," Bonn Vice Spokesman Marc Hoffmann informs. "The construction work will cause traffic obstructions in the street, but two lanes will be maintained in each direction." Exceptions are, however, the work for the renewal of the sewage shafts and the excavations for the shaft structures within the roadway. But to keep things from getting too congested, most of the work will take place during the school vacations this year.

At the intersection of Reuterstrasse and Hausdorffstrasse, too, things are getting tight: Coming from Poppelsdorf, it is temporarily not possible to turn left onto Schumannstrasse. So drivers have to drive a little further, then turn right into Aloys-Schulte-Strasse. They drive once around the block via August-Bier- and Hausdorffstraße and can then go straight on to reach Schumannstraße. "All other traffic connections are to be maintained," Hoffmann says. At the height of Schumannstrasse 122, parking spaces will have to be eliminated to set up the construction site.

The work is being carried out in closed construction over a length of around 140 meters. Channels with a diameter of 40 centimeters will be laid. Everything is expected to be finished by March 2022. The total cost of the sewer work in the second section is around 1.1 million Euro. (Original text: Richard Bongartz / Translation: Mareike Graepel)