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Vegetarian fast food: Burger King opens meatless branch in Cologne

Vegetarian fast food : Burger King opens meatless branch in Cologne

Burger King is opening a branch in Cologne that will offer only plant-based patties and nuggets. However, the offer is for a limited time.

Meatless diets have long been in vogue, and demand for meat substitutes is on the rise. And Burger King is now jumping on this bandwagon, offering a meat-free branch at Schildergasse 114 in Cologne from June 7 to June 11, according to the fast-food chain. It is the first in the world.

Burger King says it is collaborating with "The Vegetarian Butcher" for its vegetarian offers. Together, the two companies will introduce plant-based alternatives to the usual nuggets and burgers at the new branch in Cologne - so the usual hamburgers and cheeseburgers will also be topped with plant-based patties. Guests will also be able to try a vegan mayonnaise. The new products will be soy-based.

"We are showing what variety is possible on a plant basis in the world's first plant-based Burger King restaurant," says Klaus Schmäing, director of marketing at Burger King Deutschland GmbH. The press department of Burger King Germany informs us on inquiry that with the action the customers are to be shown how tasty the meat-free alternatives are and they are to be encouraged to try.

Seperately, coupons for free plant-based products are available in participating Burger King stores throughout Germany during the same period via the MyBK app.

Regular Burger King stores already offer meat-free products, such as the plant-based Whopper. According to the company, demand has been strong, with one in five Whoppers sold being a plant-based one.

(Original text: (gso)​ ​ Translation: Mareike Graepel​)